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September 2018
This article provides a summary as to the various types of unit title developments that can take place.
September 2018
When you own a unit title property - who is to carry out the repair work, and who is to pay for it?
September 2018
Right to use part of the common area for a specified purpose - licences under Unit Titles Act 2010
April 2018
It is easy to underestimate the importance of keeping up with the administration that comes with owning a commercial property
April 2018
New Zealand Law Society guidelines for clients about AML/CFT Law requirements
February 2018
What happens when the common areas and the utilities become overused due to the number of occupants in the block increasing beyond what was initially anticipated?
December 2017
More and more people are establishing trusts, be it for family assets or as an investment/business trust.
September 2017
Many body corporates are grappling with the issue of Air BnB rentals and whether it is possible to restrict Air BnB, and if so, how.
August 2017
Principal unit owners have the right to make alterations, additions, or improvements to their unit, as long as they follow the requirements of the Unit Titles Act 2010 (the Act).
August 2017
The Public Works Act 1981 (the Act) provides the Crown, and local authorities, with statutory power to acquire land for public work. We are finding more and more people are affected by these acquisitions.

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