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August 2023
If your residential property sale falls within the Bright-line Property Rule period you may be taxed on any capital gain.
August 2023
New income tax rate of 39% was announced for trusts to take effect from 1 April 2024 proposed.
1 February 2023
Lockhart Muir has amalgamated with the practice of Horrocks Hampton
August 2022
The new Trusts Act 2019 updates and creates new principles relating to express trusts.
August 2022
The best way to ensure that your assets are given to the right people or organisations when you die, is to set out your wishes in a Will. 
December 2021
Listen to Mason Lockhart discuss the whether family trusts are still fit for purpose.
November 2021
Your will sets out your final wishes for your estate, but there may be circumstances when someone can overturn those wishes.
November 2021
Listen to Mason Lockhart discuss property ownership in New Zealand, including the four main types of ownership of real estate.
April 2020
Some leases provide guidance as to options for both landlord and tenant in times of emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic.
March 2020
What are the options and the consequences of different types of property ownership.
February 2020
The Trusts Act 2019 will bring significant changes to the way trustees administer trusts and access to information by beneficiaries.
November 2019
Get the documentation right at the start of the lease of commercial property to avoid issues during the tenancy.
September 2019
What are the roles and duties as well as the risks when acting as an independent trustee?
July 2019
When purchasing a unit title property, documentation relating to both the apartment and the apartment building where the apartment is situated should be reviewed.
June 2019
What is a body corporate, what does it do and how do unit owners fit into the mix?

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